Thursday, November 29, 2007



Thats' right, folks. Throw away the pharmaceuticals and get ye a black sock!!

Let me explain. I've been having trouble sleeping at night.
(WARNING: sleep deprivation makes you a menace to society, well at least to a husband :)

I can fall asleep just fine. It's just that I wake up at 3 a.m. and can't go back to sleep. I've tried everything natural under our roof. (NOTE: I've said "NO!" to sleep drugs. They're not even under our roof. So there.) I've tried, sleepy-time tea, calcium tablets, aromatherapy, herbs, I've massaged oils into my feet and hands, taken warm baths,
quiet walks, avoided caffeine, organic sheets, gentle detergents, yada-yada-ding-dong.

Enter, THE BLACK SOCK. (That's right... in bold AND caps.)

My husband, ever the inventor type, tied a string, and toggle to one of his "clean" black socks-- thereby creating the first-ever melatonin inducing sock. In desperation (and lack of a real sleep mask,) I slipped the sock over my eyes. And slept (and snored) like a lazy languid lugubrious baboon until 6 in the morning.

Insomnia cured... by a sock. Folks, you heard it here first.

DISCLOSURE: Test first for sensitivity to wearing a ridiculous looking thing around your face. Remember to remove sock before walking to bathroom. And whatever you do, DO NOT involve the teenagers.

Monday, November 05, 2007

a home security system....

Concrete Angel
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They were chiseled, blasted, and molded into shape by a consortium of craftsman. But my angel and cherub collection are not your ordinary bevy of celestials-- some are concrete, some are sand-casted or porcelain, while others are made of terracotta. Some are Italian. Some are Spanish. Many are hand painted. Others are primitive. (No cutesy found here.) Whatever the composite... all dazzle in their own right.

Years ago, I assembled my angels together in the foyer, like centurians guarding a compound-- to ward away
discontent or other would-be hooligans.
Or simply welcome. No one could pass without first dealing with the angels. It set a precedence. I think. Come in peace... otherwise, what the heck are you doing here???

When we moved into our new "old" house, the angels never quite made it to the entry. Instead, they were dispersed throughout our home. Which recently has made me ponder... were those angels, cloistered en masse, my home security system? Perhaps they were.

Now... after a recent break-in, and subsequent burglary, we installed a real home security system. It's laconic voice speaks to me whenever I open a door. "Sensor to garage door-- open--BEEEEEP."
What?? No smiles? No angelic winks? "Sensor OPEN...BEEEEP" Is that all my state-of-the-arts security system has to say for itself? I've been gone for hours! No "Helloooo, how was your day?" OR "By the way, no one tried to steal your stuff today!"

Oh well.. Although, we will gladly keep this newfangled wireless contraption, I think it's time to gather my angelic forces for a reunion... in the entry. At least then when I walk in, I will know by the warmth of their gelid glances, that all is, indeed, perfectly well. I've come in peace...


Happy Angel Day, Thea!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Hannah Montana??? Does this BOTHER anyone other than me?

Review headlines smacked:
HANNAH! HANNAH! HANNAH! Show In Tune With Good Fun!!


Am I the only mom that is disturbed by all the glamor associated with the Hannah Montana craze? A recent article in the Denver Post showed 12 photo examples of young girls aged 4-10 "glamming up" beyond their years for a Hannah Montana concert at the Pepsi Center. Won't this seed their jump into teenagehood with "what's a girl to wear?"
(Role model??? Fyi- Miley Cyrus' favorite hobby is shopping.)

Can't little girls (AND yes, I do mean 4 to 10 year olds!!) just be little girls?
Yah, yah yah, I know you've heard it all before, but here it goes again, "They're young for such a short time!!!"
What exactly is the hurry???

My daughter, Annie, is now 14. She was/is the inspiration behind my children's book series, Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? And the reason for my latest book, Am I Beautiful?(09) Annie is a vision of pure beauty and self confidence, stylish, centered. NEVER did she idolize a girl outside of herself. She was too busy discovering what it was like to run as fast as the wind. And learning what happens when you mix dirt with water-- especially between bare piggy-toes. (Thank you, Waldorf education!)
Sure she played dress-up, but within the context of her play kitchen.

Unplug the T.V., Mommies! Find some great books with alarmingly brilliant heroines for your girls. (Check out Beauty's Secret just released by Debra Gano.) It's never too early to learn about inner beauty-- help give her something she'll have for a lifetime.... herself.

And then, let true glamor begin.