Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a gift to myself...

As Bizet's triumphant Carmen Suite blasts my airwaves this morning, I give the gift of acknowledgment to all my stories patiently hanging out in their little cyber files:

Tumbleweeeed; Merripoo; AfTeR eVeR hApPiLy;
Old Conch; This Morning; A Highly Perfect Island;
Warm Wooly; Do Superheroes Have Teddy Bears?;
The Christmas Wind; All Things Joey;
Am I Beautiful?; Tootle-loo Aunt Tallulah; Bubblehearts;
The Hugging Wall; I ♥ You More Than Chocolate;
Ummmm; The Kings Diamond; Snow Elephant;
The Pink Ruby; Hinkle Hausen Snickerdoodts the Elf/Spy;; The Tumbleweed Came Back... 

To Patricia Polacco's miracle! In the early 1980's, Patricia (age 40,) and her mother, walked from NY publisher to NY publisher in attempts to sell her first children's stories. She signed contracts on ALL seven works during that trip. Now with over 70 books in her repertoire, she continues to write and paint poignantly and prolifically.

Nothing is impossible!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

19 days until SPRING!!!

We did it! After several Arctic blasts, we're finally at the doorstep of the month that contains Spring!! (And my birthday:O)

My dog became a ferocious wild animal today all because of a 'venti' size bagel she had found out back. She actually had the nerve to growl venomously at me, stiffen her tail and arch her back (yes, like a cat) when I got too close. Geesh... isn't this the same puppy that demands to be my daily lap dog, that kisses my ankles as I walk by, and waits for me on the stairs when I'm out late? Yes.

When I appoached her in the side yard, the bagel was semi-buried, she was hunched over it like a wolf standing over it's kill, teeth bared, and her brown eyes looking menacingly at me. What? She growled again, only this time she yapped. All this for a dead bagel! I think it was cranberry.

After several failed attempts (and newly invented games) to steal the bagel, I managed to distract her with my clever ploy, "Wannatreat??" (Works from me too, I drop my bagel every time.) She ran inside to the treat cabinet. I scooped up the soggy, sludgy, swollen mess and dumped it in the trash... and, of course, gave Lulu her peanut butter flavored doggie treat.
Then I had a piece of chocolate.