Tuesday, March 01, 2011

19 days until SPRING!!!

We did it! After several Arctic blasts, we're finally at the doorstep of the month that contains Spring!! (And my birthday:O)

My dog became a ferocious wild animal today all because of a 'venti' size bagel she had found out back. She actually had the nerve to growl venomously at me, stiffen her tail and arch her back (yes, like a cat) when I got too close. Geesh... isn't this the same puppy that demands to be my daily lap dog, that kisses my ankles as I walk by, and waits for me on the stairs when I'm out late? Yes.

When I appoached her in the side yard, the bagel was semi-buried, she was hunched over it like a wolf standing over it's kill, teeth bared, and her brown eyes looking menacingly at me. What? She growled again, only this time she yapped. All this for a dead bagel! I think it was cranberry.

After several failed attempts (and newly invented games) to steal the bagel, I managed to distract her with my clever ploy, "Wannatreat??" (Works from me too, I drop my bagel every time.) She ran inside to the treat cabinet. I scooped up the soggy, sludgy, swollen mess and dumped it in the trash... and, of course, gave Lulu her peanut butter flavored doggie treat.
Then I had a piece of chocolate.

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