Wednesday, September 06, 2006

HelloooOOOOoooo out there!
Testing. One Two Three Four....
Can you hear me? (tap, tap)
Hellooooooo? It's Carmela!
(tap,tap) Ahhummm. Can you guys hear me? (tap, tap)

(long, uncomfortable pathetic pause)

Hey! Anybody out there?

(pan out into unfathomable darkness.... silence...)



Coyle Home & Building Inspection Engineers said...

I hear a faint voice calling. Hello? Yes I can hear you. Can you hear me? tap, tap... Someone please turn up the volume. Whoops too much. Feedback!!! OK. That's better. Are you still there? (silence). Please try again!

Thea said...

Sister dear, I just added your blog site to my KNEES review so readers can access your blog directly.