Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FIREFLY-FIREFLY... Ummmmmm- Where have I been?

There's something to say for techno teenage sons, and daughters. Besides being charming conversationalists, sometimes they give Nanos as gifts, and teach their technically challenged moms how to purchase and download music/books online. Rock!
"Kids, my new ipod is defective." Later... "Oh. You have to charge it first?"

They challenge her to the online S.A.T. question of the day. (FYI: I'm doing okay...)

They insist she own a Mac, to the point of threatening mutiny if she even thinks to buy otherwise. Aaarrrgh.

They teach her youthful phrases-i.e. being asked to "go out" with a boy does NOT mean you are actually going to go somewhere. (remember "going steady?")

They teach her the difference between BlueRay and HDTV. (Bet there aren't many moms out there that know that!)

And they bring home entertaining TV series on DVD like, FIREFLY. Where have I been?? I guess I was, I don't know... writing my latest book, maybe??

Sadly, the FIREFLY series came and went in '02 without even a blink from me. In all honesty I think I did hear something about it back then, but it was fleeting... two things came to mind: 1. bugs 2. wasn't there a Kevin Costner's movie by the same name?-(wait a minute- that was Dragonfly.) Firefly is a futuristic-western series loaded with handsome people, humor, action, romance... and yes, some unnecessary sex and violence... (Keep in mind that the person writing this has to close her eyes every now and then. But according to the teenagers, that's not saying much.) That said, 13 and older!

Check it out... at your library, Blockbuster, Netflix... or better yet... BUY it! Apparently there is some funky fan movement to bring the series back. I'm not sure though- I'll have to ask someone about that. I know! The teenagers!!

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