Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Cascading Floral Balcony
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If I was to write a travel book... it would most definitely be one about flower festooned balconies. There's one balcony in particular in Santa Fe that stuffs itself silly with flowers. (Remember, Thea?)

Flowered balconies stop me in my tracks, especially those with emblematic wrought iron scrolls embracing ivies, alyssum, petunias, maiden hair, geraniums.... against a pinkish stucco-- cracks encouraged... Big BIG sigh.

The thing is... I have some. Balconies that is... four to be exact!! Well, they are classified as French Windows, meaning they are second story French doors that open up to 3 ft wrought iron grills... ( just so's we don't fall out!)

Let it be known!! That this is the year of the balcony! Hah! And you thought it was the year of the Rat...
Well it is still the year of the Rat, but it's also the year of the balcony.
I'm going to festoon!

Can't wait for May.

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Thea said...

yes! the balcony in Santa Fe....a private residence, I believe a tarnished white stucco in this case, very OLD....does everyone know that Santa Fe was first established in 1610?...yes, this is a quaint old balcony, lucky dweller - to have a vision like that; how nice for the passerbys to get to see it! Carmel,festoon away at your gorgeous balconies, you are so good at festooning anything! xxoo