Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My husband sent this youtube of Australian Nick Vujicic over 10 days ago and I never seemed to have time to watch it.  

Today, I watched it...    An Amazing Man

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Unknown said...

Dear Mrs. Coyle,
My name is Lauren Hechter. Please forgive the manner in which I am contacting you; I was unable to find any other way.

I am twenty five years old, I live in Denver Colorado, and I have been a nanny for the past eight years.

I recently finished my first childrens book. I have done a lot of research but im feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. I could really use some sound advice from someone in the industry.

I am sure you get aproched like this all the time, and I know you are beyond busy. If you have just a little time I would more than appreciate being able to e-mail you some of my questions.

Thank you so much!
Lauren Ann Hechter