Monday, March 02, 2009

Dove's Beauty Campaign continues to educate....

Dove has done it again with their campaign for real beauty.  

Those ready for a little grit, click on  Onslaught   
But also watch "Amy" while your there...  I love it.


Thea said...

these films really drive the point home. And Dove has some Angel people working on this campaign.

jillie said...

Dear Carmela - I work for Yellowstone General Stores (the 12 general stores within Yellowstone National Park) and run a program called Pathways to Yellowstone. We feature artists and authors in our store whose work is representative of the Yellowstone Park experience.
We sell your book and I was wondering if there would be any interest on your part on coming to visit Yellowstone this summer and doing a book signing? A working vacation of sorts? You can contact me at 406-586-7593 or via e-mail Thanks, Carmela. I hope you'll give this idea some consideration.
Kindest regards, Jill

Blessed Nest said...

This campaign is great! Love what they are doing!