Sunday, August 30, 2009

singing for his surgery...

Recently, my dad sang for his surgery, well, actually he played the harmonica for his surgery. Let me explain....

In pain from two molars broken to below his puffy gums... my 86-year-old dad was informed by the VA, that patients are not covered for dental and oral surgery, unless completely disabled.

So, my dad did what any self-respecting former Navy radioman from the Bronx would do... He whipped out his harmonica and began playing "Clementine" for the VA physician assistant-- right there, in her office. Granted, he dramatically slowed through the part " are LOST and gone forever, dreadful sorry, Clementine..." because remember, he had just LOST the top part of his molars. "Dreadful sorry..." :(

But here's the best part... The physician assistant alighted, visibly touched, "Ted. No one has EVER played harmonica for me before."

She promptly made a few calls, pulled a few strings, and the result?... he is scheduled for oral surgery at the VA this Wednesday.

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