Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Common threads: Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs? and President Barack Obama's, Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters.

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters, written by President Barack Obama, and playfully illustrated by Loren Long will be in book stores Nov 16. (Right around when my latest
Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? illustrated by the fabulous Mike Gordon, hits the shelves!)

Whooosh... should be a whirlwind in the bookstores. My little princess book will be in "brisk sales" company.

I am intrigued by President Obama's content premise in Of Thee I Sing...: a father sees the admirable traits of thirteen heroic Americans in his own children.

Sigh... what a lovely thing. Seeing heros within our very own is something we all can do. Our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews have within them the parts and particles of greatness. Big and small greatness. Tall and short. Their very own unique greatness. Every notch on the scale counts.

I am reminded of the punch line in my humble little book Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs? as the princess stands before an ever-expanding vista on the final pages.
A rainbow... and all-possibilities surround her:

Princess: Oh Daddy... look at the view!
Daddy: There's something about it that reminds me of you...

To read an editorial review of President Obama's tender new book on Amazon visit: Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To my Daughters.

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Thea said...

You've made President Obama's book sparkle. Sounds like it will be poignant for kids and adults as well. I'll have to add it to my growing collection of childrens will be in nice company among the 6 I have by YOU.