Thursday, December 02, 2010

pumpkin thieves bomb my dog...

I know, I know... I write children's books, so it's a given that I'm always on the look-out for interesting story material. That said, I do tend to attract cutesy and sometimes odd happenings to my day. But what happened today was right up there with when I was standing in Kansas, and it started raining frogs.
Ok... so I already know you guys aren't going to believe me because... well, because I don't have a youtube to back up my claims. It happened so fast... (Riiight... that's what they ALL say.) And plus, I just talked about raining frogs.

First a little background: Lulu, the dog, thinks our furry squirrel friends are deli meat. She is ALWAYS chasing them back into the trees, challenging their speed, upsetting their apple carts every chance she can get.

Today, as I was watching the little shi-poo patrol the back yard, (here it comes,) suddenly pie pumpkins started plummeting from the sky down toward Lulu. One missed her by a foot... 3 dropping nearly simultaneously from the maple tree around her. Splat. Splat. Splat. I looked up and saw three squirrels. (Maybe those were smiles on their faces? I don't know.) Was this revenge on the puppy dog day?

Anyway, they cleaned up the mess too, so I can't even prove that. EXCEPT that my husband knows that I recently put all the pumpkins out on the patio table. Oh yeah, and the squirrels are significantly fatter.

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Thea said...

Hilarious. Keep em coming!