Monday, June 25, 2012

Messy Kitchen

My kitchen is always messy.  Always in use.  Always in flux.  I try not to mind.  Actually, I don't mind.

And just so you know, princesses make messes, super heroes make messes.  There, that's settled.

Understand, today we moved from a late breakfast to a mid-1 pm  lunch.  (Note: we will soon move into prep for  a 7 pm dinner.  We love food.)   But for the mid-afternoon moment, Annie and I were in the throes of cooking... with 100 degrees outside.   We weren't even certain what we were going to make.  The best kind of moments, minus the 100 degrees outside part.)

I put to boil some various shaped pasta noodles (we used what we call "hugamuga" i.e.:  "the bottom of the box.")   That was when the fun (and yes, another mess) ensued.

Andee's Mix:

1 cup cooked pasta, we used hugamuga :) (see above)
1 teaspoon butter  (or more)
2 teaspoons olive oil
salt to taste (we used soma salt from India)
pepper a couple good twists of medium grind
1/4 cup grated parmesan (used two different varieties- another hugamuga:)
fresh chives

Boil pasta to al dente.  Drain.  Place back in pot. Add butter and olive oil to pasta.
Then throw it all in and stir!  It's fabulous!!!!  (You could add some thin peels of sauteed zucchini or other?)

Always a mess.  See?


Unknown said...

Great pictures!!

Thea said...

Yes, your kitchen is ALWAYS in use!! Never ceases to amaze me. But, oh my, what wonderful things you make. Anyone who gets a ticket to your table is lucky :) And sometimes, I'm lucky. heee