Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Fairy House Tour!

Ever been on a fairy house tour?   With "way-way up there" tiny tree houses-- in which the fairies MUST use ladders?

With hobbit holes as tall as a bump on the ground?

With hingeless wooden doors?

Ever been?

Well... on August 4th the proprietors of Pixie Hill gave visitors, one and all, a fleeting glimpse of elvish abodes and fairy double-plexes during their (hopefully) annual Open House in Ontario.  

From photos on their blog, I even spotted teeny tablecloths hanging from a teeny clothesline!  And miniature lanterns... and a treasure cave.  Oh yes.

The fairy folk, the bashful lot that they are, assured the owner/artist  Nichola "Knickertwist" Battilana, also known as "the maker," that they wouldn't mind a tour at all.  

But of course, the fairies themselves insisted on keeping a low profile.  

Hmmm... however, I did notice the wee little sign below... 

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