Friday, January 18, 2013

Magic at my doorstep

Being a terrific fan of writing thank you notes, (as over-evidenced in my children's book, Thank You, Aunt Tallulah!,) I recently wrote (gushed) to our dear friends, thanking them for the box of citrus they sent from their small private orchard near San Diego. (Yes, those are limes.)
Dear Worland Orchard,

Today I opened a priority package from you, and out tumbled and wafted the most lively prana. Organic tangerines, and limes, cleverly disguised as lemons. Luscious. 
Thank you-thank you-thank you-thank you! I tore into a tangerine (yes, in every visual sense of the word,) and could not believe how alive it tasted. What water do you use? Do you sing to the trees? Bathe them each night and tell them how pretty they are? How do you keep from eating a bushel a day?  
YUM YUM YUM. I sang the rest of my day. Mike and I are making a quiche and salad tonight and we will douse the greens with a spritz of home grown lime from Worland Orchards. Then we will dessert on tangerines.  

You, dear friends, were so sweet to send us your crop. I am jealous, here in Colorado's fruitless winter, for one of the first times ever. Very.   

Hugs to all. So very nice. 

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