Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello... Hellllooooooo... helloooooo

Updates... updates... and please DO NOT look at the last date I posted.

Oh, there you go.  Well now you know.

As with most folks, I'm sure much has happened since March 2 2011.  (6 months and 17 days ago.)
25th anniversaries, high school graduations/parties, 22nd birthdays... and some sad and scary stuff too.

Probably biggest on the list of "happenings" in my little world has been my daughter, Annie, leaving for college.  Yeah, you can play the violin if you want.  I do everyday. Itunes.

Gosh, it's quiet around here.  (Aside from those violins.)  No volleyballs slamming around the staircase. No dubstep marching through the hallway.

I talk to myself more often.  And NO, I'm not wearing a headset.  It's regular,  the real-deal talking to myself.  I even answer.

Me:  Hmmmm, what should I make for lunch today?
me:   Cocoa?
Me:  Nah, it's not cold enough yet.
me:   Ok, then how about frozen hot chocolate?
Me:  With whip cream on top?
me:   You bet!
Me:   Oh... I think I'll just have steamed veggies instead.
me:   Dork.
Me:  Dork.

Hello  hellllloooooo hellllllllllooooooooo.  No, reply.  
Except with all the "hellooo-ing," the dog thinks someone has just come home, so she's running around the island looking for her peeps.  Lulu,  daddy won't be home 'til 7! 

But don't get me wrong,  I've been busy.  Yes-sir-re. 
My website is being designed by --  specializing in author/writer web development.  Trumpets, please.   It will 'go live' in January 2012.  "Go live." That sounds so newsy.   "Let's Go Live to Carmela's kitchen, where she's making... what's that?  Steamed veggies?  Huh, that sure looks a lot like hot chocolate. "

And I've been writing like crazy.  Picture book stories, a young reader series and revising existing mss.

I also have another book coming out 2012.  DO SUPERHEROES HAVE TEDDY BEARS?  Illustrated by the marvelous Mike Gordon.  Hold on to your capes!  

Me: You're gonna love it!
me:  Hope so.
Me: Whatdaya mean, you wrote it! 
me:  No, YOU wrote. 
Me: Oh yeah... 


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Anonymous said...

That is very funny! And informative. What time should I be over for hot chocolate... er, I mean, steamed veggies?!