Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super sonic traveling author

On March 7, I'll be visiting classrooms in Ontario, Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma!
All in the same morning! You ask, how is that possible? Is she teleporting? Is she space porting? Did she get a new pair of running shoes?
Nope... just Skype and World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) AND a triple espresso. Actually could I make that a 16 ounce drinking chocolate, please? With whip. And chocolate shavings. Who am I kidding. I'll be hyped enough. Make mine a camomile tea.

I'll be comfy in my little studio next to a wall of glass. It's going to be fun! I might even wear slippers. Many nice schools contacted me to participate in this fabulous event made possible by author Kate Messner and Lit World .

It's designed for outreach, hopefully inspiring children all over the world to read. Isn't that cool? I'll read a couple books, maybe even share a few silly true stories. For sure I'll have to show all the kids my dog Lulu.  And my desk and studio... oh gosh, I better clean.

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