Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Truth On Snow...

The Truth On Snow...
White.  Bright.  Frozen.  Powdery.  Dry.  Light.  Wet.  Slick.  Heavy.  
Slushy.  Clumpy.  Brazen.  Trudged through.  Played on.  Slid down.
A combination of many.  Macro/micro.  Without borders.  
Without boundaries.  
Is.  Was.  Will be. 

Thus... a little back story.  Some time ago, while on a walk through a nearby wildlife preserve, I saw a stick in the shape of a "T."  I had to circle back for it because at the time, I didn't know I was looking for a stick in the shape of a "T" until I passed it.   Playfully,  I set out to find more sticks shaped in the letters of the word "truth."  But "truth" took a while to find.  The rules: it had to be found on the ground, no breaking or trimming allowed and no constant searching. 
So now starts my little series:  The Truth On...   

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