Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books: Fly By Night

                                                 "Is it time, yet?"
No dear. It's not time yet.

Is it time yet? Now?

No dear. Not yet.

Fly By Night by June Crebbin, and illustrated by Stephen Lambert, is a thesis on the practical workings of patience. 

A young owl named Blink, has primal ambitions to fly.  Don't we all, especially during those moments when we feel succinct with the universe.

But when will it be our time to fly?

Certainly it's time to fly now. Isn't it?


But no, our wingspan isn't quite big enough yet. Dang.

Fly By Night is a coming-of-age story for the owl inside us all; children, parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles. It's a meditative piece readying us for flight—preparing us for the follies of real life. 

"The sun slipped behind the fields. 
  The moon rose pale and clear. 
  A night breezed stirred, 'Time to fly.'"

And it happens. The time does come. Eventually. What a lovely affirmation for children (er... me)! Soaring above farm, field, and metropolis. 

This theme never grows old. Learning Patience 101 is a course we all must take at some point in our lives. Like it or not. It comes inside everyones LIFE package.
Blink (and the young listener) discover there is a perfect time for everything. Cool.

Look for a copy on Ebay. Sadly, it appears Fly By Night is now OP. 

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