Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books, Grandfather Twilight

In just over 100 words, author/illustrator, Barbara Berger, ushers in a bedtime story about the slow emergence of day into night. Grandfather Twilight is a zen-like treasure with the potential to put even the busiest body to (blissful) sleep.

Grandfather, himself, is forever swashed in the colors of dusk. Powdery blues, cloud whites, pinks, lavender.  His gentle pace, not too quick(!), is gloriously calming. For you see, Grandfather IS twilight.

"When day is done, he closes his book, combs his beard, and puts on his jacket."

Then Grandfather moves from house through forest to the edge of the sea. I won't spoil his mission. But the reader will be enchanted by Ms Berger's wordless spreads as Grandfather moves iridescently closer to his goal.

If you live on planet earth, and have ever marveled at a quiet twilight, you will most likely love this epic tale. Grandfather Twilight.

(This book was originally published by Philomel in 1984, under the tutelage of legend, Patty Gauch, no doubt.)

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