Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books— Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One

Kate Duke is a dazzling storyteller and illustrator.

In Aunt Isabel Tells A Good One, she expertly sloshes a palette of forest colors together
with drama, romance, suspense, and good humor.
The result is a rip-roaring mouse adventure.

It begins at the beginning, with petite Penelope requesting a story.

"What kind of story?
A good story!
A good story is the hardest kind to tell,
though. We must put it together carefully,
with just the right ingredients."

And off we go. Aunt Isabel casts Penelope as the heroine, and dubs her writing accomplice. Together they craft a tall-tale that teachers will love. From beginning, to middle, to end, readers are keenly shown exactly what it takes to write... a good one!

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