Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books; Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, will steal your heart away. It sure stole mine. A young boy meets a penguin. He is quite certain the penguin must be lost. Together they embark on a journey through choppy sea and ice to discover the workings of friendship. Children will learn the value of spoken and unspoken communication between friends.

This cold sea-themed book is written and perfectly illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. (Notice the author's childhood photo on the jacket flap resembles the book's main character right on down to the striped beanie.)

Lost and Found, was brilliantly adapted into an BAFTA winning short film, directed by Phillip Hunt for Studio A.K.A. The film's gentle rhythm will sweep you up in a wave of love, as will this timeless book.

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Book Mama said...

Have you seen Jonathan Bean's Building Our Home? It's my sort of irresistible, wondering if it's your sort? :)