Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books!

Ok... first of all. I'm not mixed up on my days of the week. I know it's Tuesday, er I mean Wednesday, not Saturday. I'm just excited about my new feature:

Saturday Morning at the Picture Books! 

Each Saturday, I will post on my blog an irresistible picture book. One that you really, really must read. And I will cross reference it to my author Facebook Fan page.

Two weeks ago, I featured Interrupting Chicken. It's a delightful roller coaster of a ride for storytime. Maybe a little too exciting for bedtime, but the Zzzzzz's at the end surely will help settle the fray. Fun. Fun. Fun. You will fall in love with this caring little chicken and her Papa.

Last Saturday, I shared my newest crush,  I Want My Hat Back. It's a terrific tale of truth-telling... and the consequences we face when presented with untruths. Did Bear really snack on Rabbit? Hmmmm... children will carefully wonder.

Saturday will be here soon. Three days, to be exact.

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