Friday, May 02, 2014

"21" boats and a wish.


April is over. 

The second to last day of April came with a "21" boat salute, just as Annie was turning 21-years-old. Imagine that! 

We launched my baby girl into a good future. The best future. The only future. She was surrounded by family, food, candlelight, laughter, song, toasts, gifts. Love doesn’t get any more “white light” than that. 

A regatta of life-long admirers will always have her back. Tried and true. Thick and thin. Good to know. Hmmm? 

A tabletop of seashells, fishing nets, sand, hurricane lamps, rope, and those "21" boats — it was all about that nautical launch... into a sublime tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to my love. May there always be a tailwind when you need it most.   

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