Monday, May 12, 2014

An Unordinary List

Let’s move the month of May forward with a list! 

Oh-how I like lists. I inherited that trait from my mother. She is the empress of lists. Mom keeps a pen near her steady supply of plain white paper note pads from Walgreens. There, she jots down all the important stuff in her life: grocery lists, birthday party and holiday to-do’s, (down to the minute) thoughts, grievances, affirmations, reminders, sketches, praise, telephone numbers… 

But for me, I beat and plunk out my lists using these square plastic apple keys. (I think they’re plastic. Maybe their some kind of hybrid. It doesn't matter.)

May. Day Twelve. In perpetual motion (✓s mark the accomplishments.):

Look behind you now and then. But keep the pace moving forward, girl. 

Stones and sticks (yes) might trip you up now and again. Occasionally pick one up and examine. 

Investigate the hunches between your thoughts, the ones slightly to the left of your imagination. (✓)

Drink something mildly sweet. And OK, creamy and chocolatey. (✓)

Watch a funny youtube of dogs or kids doing ridiculous things. (✓)

Inquire about a local art/illustration class. 

Watch the (darn) snow melt off of the trees and bushes. (✓) Tomorrow the mess will all be gone. 

Lavish over a perfect pink grapefruit. (✓) Said grapefruit wants to know you thoroughly enjoyed every lip smacking bite. (✓)

Take every fleeting opportunity to hold a pup and tell her she/he is nonpareil. (✓) They like that. 

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